All Nations Church

Deliverance Center

Fort Collins, Colorado
About Us.....

Pastor Melvin Johnson

The Church

In December of 2013, I obeyed the voice of the Lord and retired from Brother Mel's BBQ Restaurant and Catering. For 29 years, I labored in the restaurant business while pastoring All Nations Church and Deliverance Center. I now dedicate all of my efforts toward ministering DELIVERANCE AND SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

My first encounter with demonic manifestation was in December of 1973. As a young pastor, there was nothing in my experience that prepared me for what took place that day. While leading the song service, I looked out into the audience and saw a young lady jerking and sliding down between the pews. I immediately came down from the platform. As I came closer to the young woman, I was joined by others, and we began to pray for her. 

We found ourselves rebuking demonic spirits in Jesus' name! Some were saying "Come out!", some were pleading the blood, some were praying in tongues, and others were just praying. About two hours later, seven unclean spirits had been cast out. We had all just gotten a crash course in spiritual warfare and the casting out of demons.

That was more than 32 years ago, and I am still saying "Come out!, Come out!".
Our Goals Are:
  1. To equip believers for spiritual "set the captives free".
  2. To introduce, teach, and train believers for deliverance ministry.
  3. To develop deliverance teams.
  4. To partner with other pastors and churches to help develop deliverance teams within their own organizations.
  5. To expand the deliverance teaching to the all in the body of Christ

  1. Seminars, workshops, and deliverance conferences
  2. Training classes
  3. Follow-up classes
  4. Support teams through All Nations Church and Deliverance Center
  5. Individual couseling and deliverance parayer
  6. Prayer and deliverance teams